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Description: Ichika Aimi is a teacher that also works part time as a tutor. She enjoys teaching and during the hot summer months she will often be found at a student’s house tutoring him in computer language. This afternoon Ichika has come to a student’s house with no air conditioning and he has wearing just a t-shirt and underwear. This is somewhat odd but it is so hot so she begins her lesson. She notices that while teaching him he has his hand on his cock and is playing with himself. This is hard not to ignore as she is sitting right next to him and he is jerking himself off over his underwear. He then sticks his hand inside his underwear and starts jacking off. Ichika is now really turned on and casually leans over and puts her hand on his leg and starts rubbing his leg closer and closer to his cock. He continues to try his hand at what he has learned on the computer as she grabs his cock and starts to jack him off. She is getting hot as well and starting to sweat from all this activity in the hot room. She shows him hot much she has perspired and how wet she is. He lifts his shirt and she begins to play with his nipples as she shows her that he is so hot as well. She is enjoying the lesson so much she reaches down and pulls out his cock and starts to jerk him off as she takes his balls and starts sucking on them. She has his cock hard and slides it down her throat. She is so horny she wants that cock all over her as she slips out of her top and slides a hand between her legs so she can finger her hungry pussy. He lets go and unloads all his cum in her mouth. This does not stop her as she pulls off her panties and mounts his face 69 style and has him tongue her wet pussy. What a wonderful teaching experience it has been as they end up fucking for the rest of the session.

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