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Description: Maki Koizumi works as cleaning staff at a movie theater and she loves to wait for men to enter the restroom in the back so she can hunt them down and tease and tempt them. They think she is just there to clean the restroom when she is really there to watch them pull their dicks out and then rub up against them with her ass as they try to pee. Maki makes sure to wear no bra and have her uniform unbuttoned so that they can get a great view of her lovely tits as she leans over and sweeps and mops the floor. Today Maki has found the last customer has entered the restroom in the back in the small theater so she goes back to tempt him to see if he will make any advances when she teases him with her hot tits and a rub of her nice ass. He can not pee when she is there and Maki is obviously watching his cock as he tries. She is going to get him hard as she leans over and insists that he not be bothered by her as she mops the floor but her tits look so lovely as she bends over and she is too cute so there is little this unsuspecting man can do but hold on to his cock and watch as she moves around him trying to catch a glimpse of his dick as she pretends to clean. This is too much of him and he just starts jerking off watching her. This is her cue to reach over and help him with his cock as he jerks himself off and she leans in and sucks him and helps him jerk off. She lets him titty fuck those amazing tits as well and finally just pulls his cock into her mouth and sucks him until he unloads all his cum into her pretty mouth. She shows him how much cum he blew as she spits it in her hand. Maki sure got him off making this the best public bathroom visit of his life.

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