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Description: Skylar Snow is sick of her stepson Charlie's bullshit. He's busy scrolling porn, but she assumes he's playing a video game. Skylar lectures Charlie about the promises he's made to keep the house up. Charlie agrees to put his phone down and do some of the chores, but that doesn't satisfy Skylar. She gets bitchier every time she lays eyes on Charlie and doesn’t think enough has been done around the house. Eventually, Charlie screws up sweeping so badly that Skylar gets up and shows him. That gives him a chance to admire her big ass in her miniskirt, which even gives him a peek of pussy when Skylar leans over. The view is worth the punishment of polishing all Skylar's shoes.
While Charlie is enacting his punishment, Skylar realizes she likes the idea of him touching her shoes and maybe getting hard over it. Her husband hasn't satisfied her in a while, but the next best thing would be her stepson. It takes a little bit of verbal maneuvering, but Skylar gets her way. Getting Charlie to his feet, she sinks down to her knees and unzips Charlie's jeans to pop that hardon out. A few strokes in, Skylar instructs Charlie to have a seat so she can blow him properly. Things just get better and better for Charlie as Skylar strips down to her high heels, taking care to show off her stunning milf body, and then relocates to the couch where she spreads her thighs and begs for Charlie to give it to her.

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