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Description: Jay Romero’s stepsister, Madison Summers, is hard enough to have in the house since she’s hot and not putting out for him. When Jay’s dad starts dating a younger lady, Scarlett Mae, things get even more awkward for Jay. He can’t stop being hard in his own home, so he’s doing an awful lot of beating his own meat. Scarlett is getting sick of cleaning up Jay’s messes, so she and Madison confront Jay mid-wank. Jay tries to deny everything, but the girls wrestle the pillow he’s used to cover up away and Madison winds up with a handful of her stepbrother’s dick.
Although Madison initially runs out from the awkwardness of the situation, she’s open to talking about it when Scarlett brings it up later. The girls conclude that it’s harder for guys to get it on with someone else than it is for girls. They agree to work together to help Jay by showing him their tits and giving him a handie to milk his cock. Putting plan to action, Scarlett calls Jay in and tells him to drop his pants. He does as he’s told reluctantly, then turns around even more reluctantly. While Jay’s back is turned, the girls pop their titties out. They start rubbing each other’s breasts down while telling Jay to jerk it. Just watching Jay stroke that cock is such a turnon that the girls decide they’ll need to abandon the original plan and fuck him.

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