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Description: Blonde lass with the porcelain ass, Melody Marks puts on a little fuck pageant in this scene from The bubbly exhibitionist showcases a too cute for school mini with sheer cyan top. She asks Jordan “Did you have fun dressing me up?” Jules says “Oh my God! Yes! Like a proper fuck toy.” She removes her frilly bra utilizing the previously mentioned sheer top to its maximum benefit… Jules has the doll-faced Marks crawl onto the bed. Her ass explodes out from her skirt as Jordan comments on the perfect, all natural body before him. He spanks her and she coyly says “I can see your hand print…on Melody Marks”. The spunky femme gives Jordan a speedy bj. The viewer shouldn’t mind as her chassis is the star. Shining brightly when Jules overlaps her legs to the side and drills. Melody Marks isn’t afraid to wiggle while riding atop Jules in cow and reverse-cowgirl. The teen’s ass in full flush at this point, pointed to heavens in doggy. Jordan stuffs her meaty twat and climbs aboard. Finishing his romp in monkey style. Things end with Jules depositing a payload into her pretty mouth. He asks “Can you swallow that for us?” She nastily complies while Jordan says “What a good girl!”...

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