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Description: Gorgeous Gizelle Blanco just wants some damn watermelon! Her efforts to consume the sweet fruit continue to be thwarted by her husband Charles Dera. She keeps finding her watermelons destroyed, thrown in the trash, or eaten. One day she enters the kitchen to enjoy some of those sweet, sweet watermelon juices and finds her husband in there once again. This time, he turns around with the watermelon on his cock! Who even fucks watermelons?! She's disgusted and upset, because she's been craving those sweet juices all week! Then, she realizes she can get a healthy dose of all the vitamins and minerals watermelon has to offer, while she also gets a healthy dose of her degenerate husband's Vitamin D! Time for Gizelle to suck up more than the sweet watermelon juice, while her husband fucks that juicy watermelon pussy!

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