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Description: This lovely babe is pissed off as she is lost. Josephine Jackson is in the Budapest to visit a studio for work. Unfortunately for her she lost her map in the cab, can’t speak English clear and her phone is battery empty. Such bad luck for her on her first day here. Mike Angelo suddenly notice this lost babe sitting in the bench and asked what is wrong. After sharing her unfortunate story he offered help as he knows someone who can help her. That is the lovely Amirah Adara. She is hesitant at first but this guy reassures her that everything is fine and Amirah will take care of her in her house.
Scene changes as Mike Angelo are already talking with Amirah Adara. Being a good Samaritan, he asks her for a favor if she can let Josephine stay for a few days until she can recover so she can get back on the studio. Of course, Amirah agrees and says she feels at home already as she is in one of the bedrooms. She told him she is going shopping and leave everything for him in a meanwhile. Mike Angelo checks on Josephine Jackson and surprisingly she really feels at home as he caught her masturbating using her pink dildo.
The busty Josephine act as she is surprised but really feel relieved seeing Mike Angelo. We know she wanted to get back at him for helping her find a temporary place to stay. That is why she let him kiss her and grope her into different parts of her curvy body. Wearing her skimpy, black lingerie, she immediately went through his crotch and started to hold that cock. With her thick lips and her wet tongue, she started to suck that cock making it hard for her to fuck. This is much better than her dildo.

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