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Description: Flexing her feet, sliding them across the cold marble floor like a petite ballerina, Sybill gently glides each perfectly pedicured toe up and down her sexy seductive feet. Dean can tell she’s getting hornier by the minute like a naughty little pussycat as she goes into the other room and takes off her top to reveal her beautiful perky breasts. She unzips her tight jean shorts to reveal that she isn’t wearing any panties. Her round tight ass protruding in the air as she slips on a bright pink neon onesie to show off those seductive curves. To add to the full package, she slips on some super sexy nude high heels, gracefully buckling the straps to accentuate her delicate ankles. Sybill enacts her plan to seduce him with her marvelous limbs and erotic feet, distracting him from his work. He takes her tiny toes into his mouth one by one, tasting their sensational flavor as he admires the French pedicure that delicately adorns each little toe. Her sexy feet bounce up and down like a little foot pussy as he pushes his cock deeper into his mouth, getting a nice, wet, sloppy blowjob. When he takes her with his big, hard cock, she expertly teases him, rubbing her feet up and down his shaft, giving him a super sexy foot job he will never forget. After enjoying this little minx from every position, he thrusts his cock back and forth between her pussy and into her feet, back and forth, feeling each tight hold on his cock. When he can’t hold back anymore as he fucks her doggy style, he pulls his cock out and shoots his big fat creamy load all over the soles of her sexy feet, squirting out each and every last drop onto those gorgeous, sexy soles. Like a horny little slut, she waves her toes, showing off the big load shining all over the bottom of her feet, dabbing a bit of the cum with her finger so she can taste it on her tongue.

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