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Description: The BangBus is out here boys!! We love cruising the streets looking for some hottie that's willing to do it all for some cold hard cash. However, this week things began a little differently. Before starting our day, we stopped at a quick stop for a few supplies. As we were parked outside waiting for Tony to come back from the store, This random chick approached the bus. She started asking us for money. Apparently her phone was dead and she needed cash for a taxi. Since we are nice guys, we decided to offer her a ride to her destination instead. Once inside the bus, we started with our usual scheme. We offered her some money to start getting naked. This chick loves money so she eventually agreed. Once she was naked it wasn't difficult to get her to fuck my boy Tony. Her pussy was stretched in multiple different positions all over the bus. All culminating with a huge load right in her mouth. From there, it was time to say goodbye. So we dropped off her ass naked in the middle of nowhere. Later Hoe!!


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