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Description: Madoka Adachi received some beautiful flowers from a man that she doesn’t like. On her way home, she lets the flowers on a street and the guy who gave them sees her. While sleeping, this babe pays the visit of the man who comes with the flowers and with a lot of men. When she wakes up, Madoka is touched and undressed by these men. Her tits are sucked and the pussy is licked same time. After having her pussy fingered, Madoka takes the dudes’ hard cock in her mouth, one by one. She is aroused with a toy until she squirts and the sheets are so wet. More, Madoka gets another vibrator on her clit under she cums and squirts again. This hooker has her crack fingered, licked between the spread legs and from behind. One of these men puts his cock in Madoka’s vagina and says that she is so tight. While riding a cock, she gets tools in her mouth and a vibrator arouses the clit. Madoka squirts again at the end of this crazy frigging. But, it’s not all! She is fucked from behind, more and more, so fast, while her boobs are squeezed. A strong, good round of missionary follows, and this slutty woman cums again. While she is screwed, Madoka gets cum in her mouth and on the face! Another guy cums and sends his sperm in her mouth. In the end, this woman gets cum in her cunt and the flowers she rejected.

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