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Description: Lauren Philips is having a rough time getting used to living with her new stepson, Charlie. Charlie is always around, which makes it hard for Lauren to enjoy any sort of privacy. He keeps walking in on his big titty stepmom to try to catch her in the act of doing dirty things so he can see if her carpet matches her drapes. One night, Lauren is using a massager on her legs when Charlie barges in to see if she's using a vibrator to masturbate. He won't leave until Lauren kicks him out. The next day, Charlie tries to catch Lauren naked as she prepares to take a shower. He offers to shower with her, which leaves Lauren certain Charlie just wants to see her naked. Charlie tries to point out that it should make Lauren feel good that he wants to see her naked, but once again Lauren kicks her stepson out. He pretends to leave, but secretly watches Lauren shower.
Now that Charlie has seen the goods, he really wants to get them. It's just his luck that he manages to finally catch his busty stepmom masturbating in the living room and moaning to herself about someone named Frank. This is Charlie's chance! He convinces a doubtful Lauren that he can fuck her as a stand in for Frank. Lauren eventually agrees. Popping her big boobies out of her dress, she shimmies out of her clothing and then gets on her knees so she can suck "Frank" off and deliver a titty fuck to warm him up. Grabbing "Frank" by the shaft, Lauren draws him to the couch so she can roll onto her back and spread her thighs to invite him in.

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