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Description: In this prequel to THE BAD UNCLE, Crystal (Laney Grey) is swimming in a pool when it starts to rain. She jumps out and tries to get back inside her house, but realizes the doors are locked. It is revealed that she has recently moved in with one of her parents, but their relationship isn't great. The parent in question seems to have forgotten she was swimming and locked her out before leaving for work...
Crystal has no choice but to go next door and see if her neighbors will let her in to wait out the storm. Dressed only in her bikini, she goes to knock and is greeted by Leon (Seth Gamble) and Joe (Charles Dera). They welcome her in to take shelter.
Crystal asks for a towel but they ignore her, asking her rapid questions about her recent 18th birthday instead. Leon and Joe playfully joke that they didn't get Crystal anything for her birthday, and begin to muse about what they could potentially get for her. She can't quite put her finger on it, but Crystal is getting a strange feeling from these two men.
Leon then takes off his top and puts it on Crystal so that she can be warmer. She sits between them on the couch and Joe can't help but comment on her feet. Joe then suggests they give her a foot massage as a late birthday present. Before she has time to accept, Joe and Leon surround her, one giving her a foot-rub and the other a back-rub.

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